Downtown Tijuana from the Towers

History of Tijuana, Mexico

The inception of urban development in Zaragoza, Tijuana, can be dated back to the 11 of July 1889 which is considered to the official date of the founding of Tijuana. On this day, Santiago Arguello and Agustin Olvera signed an agreement, laying the foundation for the influx of population.

Since its beginning in the 10th century, Tijuana was a little town with only 245 people that were involved in tourism. But, owing to its rapid economic growth, Tijuana slowly became one of the most well-known and well-developed cities of Mexico. One of the most significant events of the twenties was “the Dry law” that was passed I the US. It prohibited any sale and production of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, due to the sharing of borders, people looked at Mexico as an option and shortly after, Gambling and casinos were licensed in Mexico.

The population began to increase rapidly in the 40s with an increased interest in nightclubs among tourists. Immigration also began to increase drastically. But, this was short lived. By the year 1950, the concept of date nightclubs had faded and people started taking interest in family tourism thus promoting the tourism sector.

20 km north of Tijuana is one the most spectacular cities in the US, San Diego. Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Lego land theme park and San Diego world animal park are some of the most visited tourist spots. The Balboa Park is another major tourist attraction.

Tecate is a small town 30 minutes from Tijuana. It homes beautiful environments and grandiose surroundings. Also present there is the LA Puerto Spa Ranch, renowned for their calming and revitalizing treatments. There are quite a few archaeological sites, one of them being “el Vallecito” that is famous for its rock paintings, pottery, and other clay ware. But, it is most famous for its brewery.

Situated just 25 minutes from here, towards the Pacific coast is the very famous city, Rosarito. A lot of events and competitions are conducted here due to its lovely beaches and magnificent hotels. The film studio where the celebrated movie, “Titanic” was shot is also located here.

The “Cinderella of the Pacific”, Ensenada, is situated 70 miles south of the US border. With all its Mediterranean climate, Ensenada is a very popular among local and foreign alike for its welcoming environment and easy accessibility.

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