What to Expect After Bariatric Surgery

Expected weight loss bariatric surgery

Life After Weight Loss Surgery

It is essential to understand what life is is like after bariatric surgery. Being mentally and physically prepared will make it easier to make lifestyle changes before weight loss surgery. Besides, much like any surgery, there is always the possibility of various side effects.

While each surgery type has different risks, some common side effects may occur due to having bariatric surgery. Fortunately, many preventative steps can be taken to avoid unwanted side effects.

what to expect after bariatric surgery

Common Side Effects of Bariatric Surgery

Most of these side effects after bariatric surgery should resolve themselves in a few short weeks.

  1. Body Aches – Uncomfortable feeling and pain of the patient’s body and inside where the bariatric surgery was performed.
  2. Diarrhea or Gas – Patients should avoid foods that could trigger these symptoms.
  3. Constipation – This is a common side effect in patients; however, it should be resolved fairly quickly by drinking plenty of fluids and staying active.
  4. Nausea/Vomiting – Part of a patient’s recovery will be learning what foods upset their stomach. Taking small bites and thoroughly chewing foods will help this side effect.
  5. Dumping Syndrome: This occurs because of changes in the digestive tract so that food moves through the intestine quickly. This may also cause weakness, nausea, dizziness, or heart palpitations.
  6. Nutritional Deficiencies: Some procedures rely on malabsorption to help patients lose weight, but this means that patients don’t get the nutrients from their food that they need.

Possible side effects can include gastritis, bowel obstructions, and blood clots.

Recovery Expectations

Recovery times for bariatric surgery all vary depending on the procedure and how the procedure was performed. The health of a patient also factors into the timeline. Many milestones help mark progress throughout recovery, however.

The first week after bariatric surgery will require a liquid diet, gentle care of the incision site or sites, and restricted activity. Two weeks after surgery, many patients return to work and resume daily tasks.

One Year Post-Op

About one year after bariatric surgery, most patients reach their ideal weight or at least are close. At Tijuana Bariatrics Center, we love to see our patients’ success with weight loss and discuss any further information needed to move forward with their expectations.

At the point eight loss goals are achieved, it is important to continue to follow nutrition guidelines and make exercise a regular habit. These healthy practices will ensure the long-term success of bariatric surgery.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Developing healthy habits is important to improve not only during recovery but one’s health. Follow your doctor’s post-operative instructions closely. This will include diet information and when one can exercise.

Reducing alcohol consumption is also important since the digestive tract was altered during your procedure, which can heighten the effects of alcohol. Smoking after bariatric surgery can compromise healing and increase the risk of other side effects.

Maintain Long-Term Weight Loss

After bariatric surgery, patients will need to adjust their diets and their lives to continue to lose weight and/or keep the weight off. Bariatric surgery involves rerouting the gastrointestinal tract so that patients how to closely monitor how much they eat and what they are eating specifically.

By eating a smaller portion and healthier food, they will lose a large amount of weight. Many patients who follow these instructions can lose their excess weight (or much of it) in just one year after bariatric surgery. Maintaining these new habits is the key to weight loss success.

Start Your Life With Bariatric Surgery Today

If all other weight loss attempts have failed or not effective, you should seriously think about getting bariatric surgery. At Tijuana Bariatrics Center, our process is speedy. We can literally change your life, so you start seeing significant results in a few short months and help you reach your expected weight loss in one year.

We can get you booked for surgery quickly to get your life back as soon as possible. Tijuana Bariatric Center is in the business of making individuals’ dreams come true and achieve real happiness. Contact us for prices, surgery dates, or more information about the bariatric procedures we offer.

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