Singe Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)

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Reduce Healing Time and Complications

Laparoscopic bariatric surgery allows trained doctors to operate using very small incisions. Compared to a traditional, open surgery, this is a minimally invasive technique used to create less trauma to the treatment area. This can provide many advantages to patients especially those with high BMIs. Overall laparoscopic surgery can offer patients a quicker recovery, less pain after surgery and fewer side effects overall. Tijuana Bariatrics Center is proud to offer laparoscopic weight loss surgery to local and traveling patients. Find out how our experienced team can use the laparoscopic approach to help you safely lose weight. Contact our Tijuana office today to learn about all of the low-cost surgery options available to you.

The Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) is becoming a popular laparoscopic bariatric surgery procedure in the United States and Mexico. There are very few trained surgeons that can perform this procedure. At Tijuana Bariatrics Center, we have board-certified surgeons qualified to perform single incision laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

About Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery uses one single-incision gastrectomy instead of four to five incisions. Similar to the gastric sleeve, but with only one single laparoscopic incision through the belly button. The biggest difference between the two is that the SILS has the extra benefits of having little to no scarring as well as reduced postoperative pain because of just one incision. This leads to a quicker recovery time. A single incision procedure is less invasive than that of the traditional gastric sleeve. There also is a lower risk of complications.

Tijuana Bariatrics Center performs this weight loss treatment option by entering the abdomen and gaining access to the stomach through the belly button alone. Surgeons cut and reduce patients stomach by 80% of its size. Surgeons only remove part of the stomach. Patients, therefore, will not have vitamin deficiencies or dumping syndrome. Some patients may require a second, small incision for a drain to be put in. If this is needed, the scar will look more like a scratch.

Advantages of the Single Incision

Patients typically choose single incision laparoscopic surgery because of the benefits. Benefits include less recovery time, virtually scarless incision near the belly button, and reduced pain after surgery. As a less invasive procedure, single incision laparoscopic surgery leads to lower risk of complications or risks overall.

Those with a body mass index of over 40 and have none to no more than 2 abdominal surgeries are candidates for single incision laparoscopic surgery.

Difference Between Traditional Versus Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery technique offers the chance to use smaller incisions. Typically a single incision is under in or around the belly button, which allows the surgeon access to the abdominal cavity. This incision can vary in size but is relatively scarless after healing. Another procedure may require up to six small incisions, other they all heal to look like scratches, many patients say. Several instruments are inserted through these incisions and the surgeon uses the camera tool to work from the inside.

Laparoscopic Surgery for Weight Loss

Some procedures that can be done laparoscopically include:

  • Lap-Band – During this surgery, a band is placed around the top portion of the stomach. The stomach is reduced in size, which helps restrict the amount of food eaten.
  • Gastric Sleeve – The purpose of this surgery is to decrease the amount of food that can be held by the stomach. A portion of the stomach is removed and is formed into a sleeve.
  • Gastric Sleeve Plication – This surgery is a variation of the gastric sleeve, but removes the stomach tissue and places an internal fold that is sewn within the organ while maintaining the function of the organ entirely.
  • Gastric Bypass – The Roux-en-y is a procedure where the stomach is divided into two pouches. The small upper pouch where food passes through is attached to the lower portion of the small intestine. This decreases the amount of food that the stomach can hold and the absorption of the calories too.
  • Mini Gastric Bypass – This procedure is similar to gastric bypass, but there are two connections from the upper pouch to the stomach.
  • Duodenal Switch – With this surgery type, a large portion of the stomach is removed. The small intestine is rerouted into two separate pathways with one common channel. It reduces food intake as well as the absorption of calories overall.

Contact Tijuana Bariatrics Center for Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

To learn more about our successful bariatric surgical procedures that we offer or to find out more information about single-incision surgery, contact our trusted staff today. Tijuana Bariatrics Center offers low-cost, safe, and effective weight loss treatment options for obese and morbidly obese patients.

Our experienced team can discuss with you which weight loss surgery type will work best for your goals, your current health, and your medical history. We want to help you to lose the weight you dream of without compromising your health. Contact us today to find out about the minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery types available. We have low-cost and safe procedures available.

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