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About us Welcome to Tijuana Bariatrics Center Tijuana has become a leading destination for surgical weight loss treatments, gaining in popularity and news from around the world for Medical Tourism in Mexico. Tijuana Bariatrics Center is a leading bariatric center based in Tijuana, Mexico. Our location is literally just minutes from the US/Mexico border. Tijuana […]

Bariatric Surgery FAQs

Bariatric Surgery Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions How Safe is it to have bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico? It’s very safe because we have high standards similar to the US. We use the technique and the material according to the International Standards. What is the maximum amount of bariatric surgeries are performed per day? […]

Weight Loss Surgery Post-Op Eating

One of the most effective treatments for obesity is weight loss surgery, although there is a certain stigma attached to those who undergo its procedures. A lot of the time, many people find that it can impact greatly on their lives and really make a difference in the way they see themselves. As well as […]

Bariatric Surgery Center in Tijuana Mexico

We have one of the best bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Currently, Hospital Mi Doctor is a full-service hospital known for successful weight loss and bariatric surgeries. This facility deals exclusively with bariatric surgery and has an intensive care unit (ICU). We provide our patients quality, trusted obesity treatment options while upholding safety standards similar […]

Medical Services in Tijuana, Mexico

Because of age, obesity or smoking, patients may have a condition called Hiatal Hernia. This situation is very common in patients over 50 years old. Hiatal Hernias is also very typical for patients undergoing bariatric surgery. One study found that 42% of patients who intend to undergo gastric sleeve surgery have either Hiatal Hernia or […]

Dentistry in Tijuana, Mexico

  General dentistry: Offering every possible dental treatment you could ever need all in one fantastic, state-of-the-art facility from teeth whitening to cleaning and from dental bonding to mercury-free fillings. Dental implants: Restore your smile and confidence. Whether you need just one or two or more, enjoy one of the best methods of restoring your […]

Best Bariatric Surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico

Undergoing weight-loss surgery in Mexico can raise a lot of questions from your friends and family. The process of choosing the best bariatric surgeon in Mexico is not that different from choosing a surgeon in any other developed nation. It is a vital step in feeling confident about undergoing a life-changing bariatric procedure. According to […]

Bariatric Surgery Revisions

Undergoing weight loss surgery can sometimes lead to unintended results and poor results. Even though bariatric surgery is a tool there is never any guarantee. Many hopeful patients who fail to attain their ideal weight have options of revising to another surgery type. By revising to another surgery patients can switch to a surgery that […]

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