Gastric Banding Surgery

Gastric Banding, lap band, Tijuana Weight Loss SurgeryLap-Band System, commonly Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery (LAGB), was previously the most popular weight-loss surgery. Now, the Lap-Band has waned due to higher rates of complications and low expected weight loss.

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Gastric Banding (Lap-Band) Surgery Information

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding, more commonly known as, stomach band surgery, Lapband or Johnson & Johnson Band are surgeries that are designed to help morbidly obese patients to lose weight and maintain their weight loss.

How Lap Band (Adjustable Gastric Banding) Surgery Works

Surgeons reduce the size of the stomach so that it can store smaller amounts of food at a time.  An adjustable gastric band made of silicone material is surgically placed around the top section of the stomach.  This creates a little pouch that regulates how much food you can eat and reduces the amount of food that is processed in the intestines.  The silicone band contains an inflatable balloon that can be adjusted through an access port that has been installed underneath the skin of abdomen.  The surgeon can adjust the band by injecting saline into the port.  After a patient has had the surgery, they will begin to feel full and contented even after eating very small portions of food.  This drastic reduction in food consumption results in losing large amounts of weight.

Lapband or Johnson & Johnson Band surgery is a laparoscopic procedure.  Traditional weight loss surgeries require a large incision that typically runs the length of the abdomen.  Laparoscopic surgery requires four to six tiny incisions, about 1 cm each, which are closed using dissolving sutures.  As result, there is a very short recovery period.  Most people are able to return to their normal activities in a week or less following the surgery.  The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and typically takes between 30 minutes to one hour. After surgery it is important that you eat small healthy meals every day and thoroughly chew your food.  Adding protein to your diet will make you feel full for long period of time.  Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water each day is also important.

Advantage, Disadvantages Adjustable Gastric Banding in Mexico

There are many advantages to choosing Lapband or Johnson & Johnson Band surgery to aid in weight loss.  Because this is a laparoscopic surgery, the incisions are tiny and the recovery time in short.  This surgery does not invade the gastrointestinal tract which helps to prevent infections from occurring.  The band can be adjusted as your needs change and the procedure is reversible.

LAGB vs Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass vs Gastric Banding

  • Gastric Bypass Shows More Ghrelin (Hunger Hormone) Suppression Than Gastric Banding (Lap-Band) Surgery (
  • Gastric Banding, for recent evidence showing poor results, is not a popular option in Mexico. Leaving many who want to get this procedure performed a tough time in Mexico.

LAGB vs Gastric Sleeve

  • Bariatric surgery is an effective treatment strategy in morbidly obese adolescents who have failed medical management. VSG results in greater short term weight and BMI loss when compared to LAGB. Longer follow up with more patients will be required to confirm the long term safety and efficacy of VSG in adolescent patients. (Journal of Pediatric Surgery)
  • Gastric Sleeve is all purpose bariatric surgery that shows significant advantages than gastric banding (source).

LAGB vs Duodenal Switch

  • In Mexico, LAGB is rarely performed verse Duodenal Switch. Where promoted, Duodenal Switch (DS) shows higher price of surgery.

LAGB vs Gastric Balloon

  • LAGB in Mexico is typically less expensive than Intra-Gastric Balloon Surgery.
  • LAGB shows higher expected weight loss than Gastric Balloon Surgery.

Who is eligible for Adjustable Gastric Banding

Lapband or Johnson & Johnson Band surgery works well for both men and woman of all ages.  This surgery is most effective for people that are between 50 to 200 pounds overweight.  The hospital stay is very short, usually 24 hours or less.  For additional information, please contact us or learn more about Tijuana bariatric surgery.


A number of issues can occur as a result of gastric handing surgery. Leakage is a common concern for anyone who undergoes bariatric surgery. This leakage often occurs between the tube and the balloon. As a result, another operation may be necessary. Thankfully, the band can be easily replaced with a different one. This is a rare complication that does not occur as often these days, primarily due to the fact that the surgery has been perfected over time. Even so, make sure to keep an eye out for this during your post-op. It can end up happening years after the surgery or even a shorter time afterwards, so going to all post-op appointments is important to keep one as healthy and safe as possible.

Another possible complication is slippage and for this occurrence another surgery may be on the cards for you. Other complications include a greater risk to infection, although these risks are usually only present for a certain amount of time after the surgery.

Side Effects

There are a number of common side effects that can occur when you undergo gastric banding surgery. Pain after food intake is not uncommon. A lot of the time, this can end up causing the patient to vomit. It’s important to follow all post-op instructions in terms of what to eat and when during one’s lengthy recovering period. The best thing to do throughout the process is to eat slowly. Patients may also feel constipated after they have had the surgery. A lot of the time, this is due to reduced food intake.

Post-Op Care and Diet

Since you will have to reduce the amount of food that you eat afterwards, it is a good idea to take vitamin supplements regularly. Taking different bariatric vitamin supplements will make sure that your body keeps up with producing the right chemicals. As stated before, it is a good idea to eat slowly and carefully after you have had the operation. Patients will also find it beneficial to chew their food as thoroughly as possible. This will make it easier for the food to actually get into the stomach.

During post-op care, you will need to watch out for a few things. There will be a period of starvation after the surgery, so it is not a good idea to get pregnant. Physical activity is also recommended, although you should start slowly. If you are taking any kind of medication, make sure to crush the tablets before you ingest them.