Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon

MD, Bariatric Surgeon

About Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon

Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon is a well-versed bariatric surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Ponce has been a practicing surgeon for more than 20 years. Dr. Ponce De Leon has received specialized training from the United States and France.


  • Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery
  • Mexican Association of General Surgeon


Current Overall Rating: ★★★★


Debra Simons* 
Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon, before and afterHaving weight loss surgery has totally changed my life, I am down 113 pounds and I am off all my medications and only take vitamins. The most important factor is I am getting my health back. I was at the doctor the other day and my doctor was amazed. My blood pressure was 117 over 72 and my heart rate was 60. The doctor said to me “your heart rate is like a 15 year old I am so glad you decided to have surgery and get healthy again. Congratulations you are totally on the road to good health.”

I am so excited about the changes within me that I want to share them with you. I want you to have your health back as I do. I want you to be able to enjoy family functions and the fun things in life. You too can take control of your life and there are tools to help you. Let me share my experience with you and together we can turn your life into a healthy one.

Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon, before and afterCaitlin*


I’ve now lost 137 lbs and dropped several sizes. Most of my clothes are starting to get to be too big, even the smaller sizes in my closet. My blood sugar is now normal, the threat of a life time of diabetes has passed. My hormone levels are pretty much normal, and I’m now able to work out several days a week. This has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m happier, healthier, and loving life. My husband and I are making plans for travel and children, and, as I’ve now finished my Masters degree, I’m busily planning my future career.

Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon, before and afterRon*

I am now down 210 pounds in 8 months and I am actually getting to like what I see. I am still on a journey and have a lot to lose yet but I have come a long way. I can see my toes again and sit in booths at restaurants. I can now sit on a plane in 1 seat rather than 2.
The only thing I regret about the surgery is not having it many years sooner.
If you are contemplating weight loss surgery and you want the best I recommend calling Debra at Weight No More Consulting Ltd. as this is Real Results for Real People as you can see by my pictures.

Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon, before and afterPauline*


As you can see by my pictures I am a mere shadow of my former self. There are very few pictures of me before surgery as I would do everything in my power to avoid pictures at all costs. I would make up excuses so I wouldn’t have to attend functions especially if I knew there were going to be pictures taken. I hated the way I looked and I could lose weight on a diet but then as soon as I would go off the diet I would gain it back plus and my weight continued to escalate. I do not have that problem any longer.

I love to spend time with my family and now I do not have to be embarrassed about my size and do not have to hide from the camera as I look great. Thank you Debra and Weight No More for helping me on my weight loss journey.

Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon, before and afterDale*


I have no regrets having done this surgery and I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering like I was. The gastric sleeve bariatric surgery has helped me control my food intake without hunger so, along with my swimming regime, I am hopeful and confident that I can get my life back on track and enjoy being an active retiree for the rest of my life. I am committed to being vigilant in changing my eating lifestyle totally and forever.

Thank you to Debra and the doctors for giving me a new lease on life.

Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon, before and afterChris*


This is the best I have felt in 20 years, the next day after the surgery I felt the energy and get up and go that I used to have when I was 20. I am more than willing to recommend this procedure to any one that is struggling with their weight and can’t get any help from the health care system.

As of today June 4,2012 I am 7 LBS from going under the 400LBS. I cannot remember when the last time I weighed under 400LBS.


Seven months ago today I took a journey of a lifetime, an amazing gift from the heart from strangers soon to be come life long friends.

As you all know my trip to Mexico was one filled with new beginnings and a fresh new look on life and from there I started my fight for my life. When I first hit my rock bottom I was well over 380 lbs, on surgery day I was 351 lbs today I am 260 lbs and still losing. I feel FANTASTIC. The best part about thus whole journey is the wonderful friends I have made along the way, those people are my daily strength along with my 2 boys who was the main reason I struggled to live a long healthy life as best I could. I no longer take blood pressure medication, no longer have issues with painful knees, ankles, and hips and no more sleep apnea.

From the bottom if my heart I thank you all for sharing my journey witness. Debbie and my amazing talented doctors in Mexico are my life saving angles. I can’t thank them enough for their part in my journey. I love you all.

Dr. Jaime Ponce De Leon, before and afterTiena*


On November 15, 2011 (surgery date) I weighed in at 230 pounds at a height of 5 feet my BMI was well over 40 and once I was sleeved I have never looked back. Today I am 9 months post-op, weighing in at 152.2 pounds, my BMI is 30.1 for a total loss of 78 lbs since my surgery. I have no more stomach issues, my GERD/IBS is now manageable with medications, my muscles/joints do not ache and I can finally sleep through the night!! I have about 15 more pounds to go until I hit my goal weight but the real reward is the look on my friends and family’s faces at what I have accomplished and the words out of my now 7 year old son was, “Look mom, when I hug you I can get my arms all the way around you!” What more could a mother really ask for!!!


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