All Our Doctors

Below are our surgeons who are quite specialized in bariatric and metabolic surgeries. They have performed thousands of success surgeries that lead to some pretty astound results.

Exceptional Bariatric Services by Top Notch Surgeons

Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez and patient, Tijuana Weight Loss Surgery

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Undergoing weight-loss surgery in Mexico can raise a lot of questions from your friends and family. Our mission is help our patients pick the most accomplished bariatric professional for them to truly beat obesity.

Mission: Offer Bariatric Surgeons with High Patient Outcomes

Our mission is for a successful surgery. We accomplish this by taking an evidence-based approach on the surgeon, hospital and process to ensure the highest patient outcomes as possible.

Surgeries Our Surgeons Can Perform

Our bariatric center is located in Tijuana, where our surgeons can perform nearly all metabolic and bariatric procedures. Here is a list of our surgeries, all of which are part of our package: