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Our entire staff is committed to conquering obesity through personalized, safe care – yet our surgical packages are quite inexpensive with many payment options. Weight loss surgery is only a tool, combined with an excellent aftercare program, our package will significantly reduce your weight in a short time period.
Women Seeking Obesity Surgery, about tijuana weight loss surgeryCombined, our surgeons have performed over 10,000 surgeries – leaving their surgical experience unmatched. All of our doctors are experts at performing all types of stomach surgeries including laparoscopic bariatric and laparoscopic metabolic surgeries. Our surgeons have an aptitude to handling even the toughest bariatric cases, including High BMIs (body mass index) and revision surgery.

Don’t let your obesity weigh down your life. Tijuana Weight Loss Surgery is the leading bariatric surgery center in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Our surgeons (shown below) are expertly trained in various laparoscopic procedures with the most modern techniques. Contact our patient coordinators today!

Finding a bariatric surgeon isn’t a easy process – that is why we’ve created a helpful guide to finding a qualified bariatric physician. Use our simple form above to find the appropriate Bariatric Surgery Mexico.

TijuanaWeightLossSurgery.com is built on a collaborative effort of a group of highly experienced medical tourism professionals. Together, we have over 25 years of cumulative experience.

All members on our team have experience in weight loss surgery, dentistry, plastic surgery or other procedures outside the U.S. and can address your concerns from both a patient and a professional prospective.

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Quality of Life Improves with Bariatric Surgery

We offer weight loss surgery and metabolic surgery in beautiful Tijuana, Mexico. We ensure safe facilities in all price ranges of the spectrum. One of our representatives has personally visited each facility to ensure that each is accurately represented.

Tijuana Weight Loss Surgery is a bariatric surgery facilitator that connect prospect patients with qualified bariatric surgeons in Mexico. We’ve partnered with a hand-full of qualified weight-loss surgeons in four cities to help you find the best match for your situation.

Our surgeons reside in four different destinations in Mexico: Tijuana, GuadalajaraPuerto VallartaMexicali and Monterrey. Each of our surgeons are capable of handling weight loss surgeries, but some are more equipped to handle specific revision surgeries or more advanced surgeries. For example, when a patient is extremely obese and faces co-morbitities, the patient faces a higher risk in the operating room. Therefore, it’s advisable to find the surgeon that has the most experience when dealing with extremely obese patients. Each destination houses a different bariatric physician, meaning if you want a particular surgery it may be advisable to travel to a different destination.

There are many questions you should ask a bariatric surgeon, for example their surgical success rates. Are they members of any bariatric surgery or medical associations. Ask about their experience with this particular bariatric surgery. There are a lot of questions you can ask your surgeon, and some of these will be addressed below.

One question that is often asked, is, what kind of support is there after the surgery? Our bariatric physicians include a staff of post-surgery physicians that provide after-care. After-care is an important feature that sometimes get overlooked, but can provide amazing support for individuals in the precarious time just after bariatric surgery. After-care can provide psychological support, post-dieting tips and counseling, exercise support and more. After-care makes sure that patients are able to lose the weight they desire and helps them build a healthy lifestyle around making good choices.

Here are some things to look for and ask in a bariatric surgeon:

What kind of Experience does he/she have with this type of surgery? Are they experienced with Lap-Band
, but novices when it comes to vertical sleeve gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass.

Is the hospital fully equipped for handle this surgery? How many bariatric surgeries has this hospital, or surgical facilities handled in the past.

Is the Hospital Staff trained to handle the worst case scenario? Are nurses and support staff equally qualified to handle bariatric surgery?

The first step in achieving weight-loss success is to contact our knowledgable staff today. Our certified facilities are dedicated to bariatric surgery, which suggests that they contribute to high patient outcomes. Learn more about our facilities.

Increase your quality of life, increase your life span. Did you know that weight loss surgery has the potential to reverse various diseases and illnesses? Currently, research suggests there is significant benefits to sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and much more.

Tijuana Weight Loss Surgery provides affordable gastric sleeve (among other surgeries) to enhance your life. Get back to where you’re suppose to be!